"I cannot recommend The Cabin and Rupert Gillett highly enough. Too often, the recording process is an unnatural, artificial thing; most musicians insist that they give their best performances live, in concert. The Cabin encourages real, organic music-making. It's friendly and cozy. Rupert's demeanour is similarly easygoing, but at the same time he is quietly and efficiently professional, and his fuss-free approach really coaxes great things from musicians. He seems to take care of everything at the same time, and a very high-quality product is achieved at the end. Five stars!"

- Patricia Hammond www.patriciahammond.com

"This is the second CD I've recorded with Rupert Gillett--solo piano--and I can only say that it is even better returning to the Cabin . . . Rupert Gillett is, of course, exactly the same: outstandingly professional, thoughtful and astute, advising faithfully (when asked--and it is always worth consulting him)--and catching exactly the right musical resonance on recording equipment. The Steinway is a dream to play--responsive and joyful. The mixing is superb, creating bell-like tones within the right sound levels. This atmosphere of intelligent calm and concentration made me, as performer, feel totally supported in my artistic endeavour. The Cabin is the recording studio equivalent of the classic comic novel, 1066 and All That, whose preface announces that it is intended to console the reader, rather than to exalt the author. ('No other book does this.') The Cabin is all about the musician and the CD. Marvelous."

- Janice Rossen

"The studio is just a great room, one of the nicest acoustic spaces I've ever played in. With a sound that's warm, mellow and airy, it's especially good for acoustic music. The mics and pre-amps sounded fantastic, and various combinations helped us get beautifully transparent sounds as well as some nice tube-driven grit when needed.Rupert Gillett's a brilliant engineer; he's flexible and knowledgeable, and knows how to find the sweet spots in the room. For recording acoustic music, nothing beats it! Highly, highly recommended."

- David Price

"The surrounding garden and homely environment meant that I was able to relax fully. Furthermore, the professionalism, speed and attention to detail demonstrated by Rupert the engineer helped me to enjoy the experience and is his skill is definitely evident in the finished product. From the booking through recording to mastering I am 100% happy with my entire experience."

- Matthew Blake, The Dead Victorians

"Magical! The studio and the garden is wonderful and the engineer is brilliant. Couldn't be happier!"

- Johnny & the Fairlights