As a studio, we are very lucky to have extremely low overhead costs. As a result, we are able to price extremely competitively for a studio with this amount of space and this quality of facilities. If you think you can beat our quote, please email us!

The following is a break-down of our basic pricing:

  • Standard 8 hour recording day - £200
  • Standard 8 hour recording day + mixing and mastering of tracks from that session- £240 (Packet deal - cheaper than "per hour" pricing)
  • Per hour recording - £25
  • Per hour mixing (sit-in session) - £25
  • Per hour mastering (sit-in session) - £25

Many artists want to sit-in on the mixing session in order to retain maximum control over the production. Others, however, prefer to let "outside ears" be a judge of how the music can best be brought to life. As a result, we offer both services to our clients. The price for sit-in mixing and sit-in mastering is more expensive, as the process is then often a lot slower.