Here are some examples of recordings made in the cabin. Click on the links to hear the audio samples:

Patricia Hammond - Songs from the Great War

This tracks was recorded live in the studio, with no separation or overdubs.

Stewart Curtis & his Brass Bottom 4tet

This quartet also recorded their album live in the studio, using screens for minimal separation.

Americana/Blues/Rock - Dirty Dog

The production on this track is intentionally retro. Drums, rhythm guitar and double bass were recorded together with lead guitar and vocals added as overdubs. Lots of driven tubes on the signal chains here give that old-fashioned crunchy sound!

Klezmer - "Oysland"

This is another completely live recording, with no separation.

Folk/Rock - Andy Norris

On this tune, Acoustic Guitar, lead vocals and double bass were recorded together. The other elements such as flute & string quartet, were added later as overdubs.

Classical - Suite Session Strings

This recording was made completely live utilizing close-mic and room mic techniques.

Jazz- Stories: Live in the Vortex Jazz Club, London

An example of Cabin Studio's mobile recording facilities, this track was recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club, London. It was then mixed and mastered at the Cabin.

World/Folk - Kuma Lisa

Kuma Lisa is a band that likes to work with exotic sounds and lots of instruments! Despite this, the core of the band (guitar, accordion, djembe and vocals) was recorded live with minimal separation.

Folk/Pop - Dai and the Ramblers

This recording was made completely live with no separation between voice or instruments in order to give a truly "ensemble" sound. The piano that can be heard is the Steinway upright which is permanently in place in the studio.