Welcome to the Cabin Recording Studio website!

The Cabin is a modern recording studio located in the picturesque Walthamstow Village. What makes the cabin different from other recording studios is its atmosphere and acoustics.

Many smaller, project based studios are acoustically treated to make the room as “dead” as possible, which is often good for recording vocals, but can be limiting for recording acoustic instruments. The Cabin, however, has been carefully acoustically set up to provide a vibrant “live” acoustic, which can otherwise only be enjoyed in high-budget recording studios. As a result, the cabin is perfectly suited for not only electronic work, but for classical chamber music, folk music, jazz, world music and basically any other style where acoustic instruments need good acoustics.

Another wonderful feature of “the Cabin” is the size of our room. This enables us to record either in a track-by-track production, or in a live situation with or without separation between instruments and musicians. Our experienced engineer can employ a variety of recording techniques and room set-ups in order to make your project sound as good as possible. The cabin is also ideal for recording horn-sections, string-sections or other combinations which would sound “claustrophobic” in another medium-sized studio.

Engineer - Rupert Gillett

Rupert Gillett is nuts about music and music recording. He started playing the cello at the age of 8 and then went on to studio Tonmeister (recording engineering) at the Robert Schulman Hochschule in Duesseldorf and physics at RWTH in Aachen, Germany. As a graduate physicist, he is an expert in acoustics and the science behind instruments and recording techniques.

Rupert is also an active freelance musician/multi-instrumentalist. He has worked as a session cellist for electronic, metal and rock bands in Germany and has worked with producers such as Henning Schmitz (Kraftwerk) and Liam Watson (The White Stripes). He has also done a large amount of voice-over work (Ben & Bella - The Early Learning Group) and work as a studio vocalist. He has been involved in theatre work, session work and plays regularly in a number of ensembles. Rupert has performed in large scale events such as the paralympics & the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, and has performed for corporate clients such as Amazon, Boots, Dunhill & Asda. He has published a number of pieces as a composer (Mostyn Music) and has featured on BBC Radio London with his own band Kuma Lisa (Chi-Wara-Music).